Thursday, April 12, 2018

30 Blooming Leaves of Mexico

Installation at University Hospital in San Antonio
Sky Tower, North Parking Garage Entrance
4502 Medical Dr
San Antonio TX 78229

10 panels, each 6.5 ft x 3 ft

looks great with the stone background

detail, love the texture

detail, variety of colors

purple and blue for the bluebonnets

Friday, March 9, 2018

Common Currents

300 artist represent 300 years. Every artist gets a year produces an art piece.
Mine is 1953: Weaving, at the most elemental level, consists of warp and weft, each running in a separate direction but intertwined, much like the flights and travelers who pass through an airport. In 1953 the San Antonio Airport became a commercial airport. The former Terminal 2 was built in 1951-53, along with the FAA control tower and a baggage claim area. This inspired me to weave the structure as a tapestry. The importance of creating something which seizes the moment and transforms it through medium and connection is what I strive for.